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The Angel Stone

The Fight for Humanity is Here - Resistance Arise!

Angel Stone brings the fight for humanity's salvation into the palm of your hands.
Choose from battle-borne Berserkers, power-hungry Shadow Mages, or steely-eyed Gunslingers!
Compete against the forces of evil, or take the fight to your friends in PVP and Arena!

Angel Stone is available on iOS, Android, and Facebook canvas - Play Now!

The Angel Stone The Angel Stone The Angel Stone

The Resistance is fleshed out by many paths, which shall you take in your quest to save humanity from extinction?

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Join the Resistance!

Enjoy Angel Stone with multi-platform on iOS, Android and PC Facebook!

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Beserker woman Beserker man fire


As darkness tendriled its way into our vision to steal us into sleep,
the nightmare unfolded around us. Seemingly overnight,
the stuff of nightmares roared into reality, and the line between
Earth and Hell blurred.

Hearing prayers broken by screams, the chorus of Angels descended
to Earth to banish the Demons back to the confines of Hell - or so they thought.
For as Angel faced Demon, and the fires of battle blazed, a traitor emerged.
Brandishing the Key to Heaven, the Traitor closed the gates to Heaven,
and lacking access to their Angelic power, the Angels fell like wheat to the scythe.

Desperate and racked by pain and despair, humanity rallied together
and with the help of passed down Angelic power, the Resistance was formed,
and with it, humanity's renewed hope.


The resistance is not just some haphazardly thrown together group of misfits, no, these are Earth's greatest surviving warriors all gathered in pursuit of one ultimate goal - survival.

Once mercenaries, Berserkers felt at home on the battlefield, reveling in fortune and glory after every victory. As the hellspawn toppled Earthly kingdoms, the war they once knew seemed like children playing at war. Now, empowered by the Angel Stones, and driven by desperation these warriors are ready to survive...and destroy.

  • Berserker
  • Berserker


Noble and proud, the Gunslingers fight for the survival of Honor. Once defenders of kingdoms, always defenders of men, Gunslingers remain resolute; wielding a passion as fiery as the weapons from which they draw their names.

Though few, these proud protectors are fear nothing - Gunslingers stand strong, and with unwavering aim, they target all those who would seek to harm humanity, and promise swift, deliberate retribution to any evil unlucky enough to get caught in their sights.

  • gunslinger
  • gunslinger

Shadow Mage

The fires of Hell cast strange shadows across the lands. While those who embraced light clung to the last vestiges of safety, others allowed the darkness to consume them - and faced a baptism through fire. Like steel from the smith's block, those humans who experimented with the fires of hell arose stronger.

Wielding unbelievable arcane abilities, the Shadow Mages care little of Earthly affairs, instead pushing the Demons back to hell so they can continue exploring their strength - and punish anyone or anything who would dare to stand in between them and power.

  • shadowmage
  • shadowmage